So you’re planning an event and you know you want some sort of photo booth, but you don’t want the same old booth that takes pictures when people aren’t ready and the images themselves are of poor quality. You know that photo booths add a certain feel to events, one that is fun and playful. At The iLOVE Team, we have a variety of options and we think you might love providing your guests with our inflatable booth. Need some further persuading?

Photo Booth New Brunswick

Customize the Color

Events, whatever they are, from birthday parties to corporate events or weddings, will have a theme. When planning a theme for your event, a part of that is deciding what colors there will be, right? Well, pick a color and you can match your inflatable photo booth to your decor! Our booths can be customized with LED lights to give the event a brilliant and fun focal point. With various colors and settings, the lighting at your event can not only brighten the space, but create a unique mood, one that will fit your event perfectly.


Photo Booth New BrunswickChoosing a venue can be a fun part of planning an event, and it definitely has an impact on the overall decor choices and feel. If you want an indoor venue, it may be more professional and cozy, an outdoor venue will have a sense of adventure and freedom. Wherever you choose to have your event, our inflatable photo booths are a perfect choice. They can be set up wherever you desire, both inside and out. Just be sure there is space for people to gather, the props table to be set up, and enough space for people to meander around the booth. Whatever your event is for, this option will fit all types perfectly.


Did you find the perfect venue that fits your desired location, but it’s a bit small? No problem! Our inflatable photo booth can be set up and ready to go within minutes. For many corporate events or weddings, there may be tables set up for dinner, but then they need to be removed to make room for a dance floor. This is the perfect time to set up our photo booth. You don’t have to worry about needing to set up the booth prior to guests arriving and then not having space for everyone. The iLOVE Team can get the booth ready whenever it fits your schedule.

It’s Different

When you think about the traditional photo booth, they all look the same. If you want a unique focal point for your event, then this is it! The balloon-like structure is unlike any other choice. Not only does the booth give your event something different, the photos themselves are beautiful and fun. Instead of a flat, blank background, give your guests images with an exciting new look.

Impress your guests at your next event with an inflatable photo booth that is easy to set up, saves your company money, and gives your guests something unique to take home with them. Learn more about our inflatable booth and call us today to make a reservation.