When you get on social media, personality quizzes are everywhere. They’re simple, fun, and not always true, but even a silly quiz can give you a unique insight on what other people’s impressions are. When standing in line for your group’s turn in the photo booth, watching the men and women in their wedding attire, when they decide to pick up that pink mustache, have you ever wondered what they’re thinking? Or what their hobbies are? Or have you ever wondered what your choice of prop says about you? Do you always go for the hat, the oversized glasses, or the empty picture frame? What type of personalities choose these props?

Oversized Glasses

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The oversized glasses are often chosen by those who are fun, have a sense of humor, but who also want to be taken seriously. The oversized glasses mean that the wearers don’t take no for an answer, they will get the job done, even if it means staying late. And when the job is complete, they will run out the door and find the closest party in town. Those who choose glasses as their photo booth prop see the world in two different ways: work and fun.


The chameleon, the alter-ego, individuals who choose the mustache are adventurous but tend to keep that side of them hidden. These are the types to throw a late night party and won’t divulge the location until just before, giving them a sense of mystery. They are one person today, and another tomorrow. It can be difficult to pin down their thoughts. They are always on the go.


Photo Booth New Brunswick

There are typically a variety of hats found at a photo booth, so when someone chooses this prop, they are deciding a particular part of them to show you. The cowboy hat, the police hat, top hat, or Viking helmet, what side are they showing you? People who choose hats can fit in with a variety of people, from the computer type to the party-goer. They can maneuver all sorts of situations. You will always be happy you have someone who picks hats around to get you out of the most troubling scenarios.

Empty Picture Frame

Ready to take on whatever you throw at them, men and women who choose an empty picture frame for their photo booth picture can take on the world. A dozen kindergarten children? No problem. A fancy dinner party? Piece of cake. Rock an awesome photo booth picture? Bring it on. You can always rely on an empty picture frame to be there for you through thick and thin.


The ultimate photo booth prop that has mystery all over it. Not only do those who choose to wear a mask mysterious, but they only allow you to see who they are when they want to, and how much of themselves they want to reveal. When mask wearers finally do choose to open up, they are loyal and ready to lend an ear and will offer supportive advice.

The next time you head out to an event with a photo booth, remember what each prop says about the wearer’s personality. At The iLOVE Team, we love what we do and we can’t wait to help enhance your next event. Contact us today to learn more about our products.