You see photo booths every once in awhile in a mall or arcade and you get an instant rush of excitement and remember the days when you and your friends snuck inside, pulled the curtain, and waited expectantly for the flash to go off and the strip of images to fall through the slot. The images revealed a storyline of smiles and goofy faces that you could tape up on your wall at home. It’s time to bring this experience back. It’s time to bring photo booths back!

At The iLOVE Team, we are dedicated to improving customer experience and bringing innovative products to the market. No longer are the days in which only a few people can cram into an old fashioned photo booth, when people are sitting on each other’s laps and trying not to block the face of people behind us. No longer are the days of booths with poor image quality and lights that blind us and pictures with closed eyes and people looking away. Believe us, we understand that this is a part of what makes a photo booth so nostalgic and wonderful. So don’t worry, we have kept all of the incredible and heart warming aspects of what makes a photo booth so irresistible. But you can look forward to a new and improved photo booth from us. Here’s a snapshot of what you can expect from The iLOVE Team.

Photo Booth

Enclosed Photo Booth

Bring your whole group of friends into the booth and still have enough room for the oversized glasses and cowboy hats. This booth is a full-size pipe and drape enclosure that is customizable to fit your venue. Choose your background, choose your prop, and snap away! The remote-controlled photo tower technology allows you to be in control so you can be sure to get the photos you want to create lasting memories.

Open Air Photo Booth

Start practicing your princes’s wave so you can be ready for the most glamorous type of photo experience. To bring our customers above and beyond service, we took everything out of the box and created an open air red carpet. You can feel like you’re at the Oscars with paparazzi vying for your attention. So be sure to give them what they want but with mustache glasses or an oversized top hat. You can even create your own custom backdrop that features your logo and images repeated in a step and repeat style. The best part of this epic booth besides the string of images each guest will receive, is that you keep your backdrop after the event is over!

Inflatable Photo Booth

Photo BoothTaking the traditional photo booth out for a spin, The iLOVE Team is introducing our inflatable booth! The large booth has more than enough space for your group of friends and family to spread out and show off their goofy selves. Have the time of your life with bright and fun LED lights that can be customized to your event’s theme. You can be sure to always have the perfect and the silliest image with the inflatable booth.

CaptureIt With iLOVE

Striving to bring more options and better quality to our customers for a cheaper price, you can get a roaming photographer with The iLOVE Team. Equipped with a professional-grade camera, you can capture memories of the entire event. From the wedding aisle to VIP entrance to the dance floor, our photographers can snap pictures as the action is happening. If you thought a typical wedding photographer was above your price range, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you may be able to afford a photographer and a photo booth.

Live JukeBox

What’s a gathering of friends and family without music? If you find out, let us know! Just like the typical wedding photographers who want to charge an arm and a leg to take pictures at your event, DJs can also be a budget breaker. But with the Live JukeBox from The iLove Team, you can throw a party that will be dancing up until the last second of the night. A library of over 50,000 songs, two loudspeakers, LED light arrays, professional sound quality, and more, your guests may think that you did hire a DJ. Our attendants will choose songs to play, you can create your own playlists ahead of time, or your guests can make requests! However you choose to get the party started, it’s going to sound great.

As you can see, The iLOVE Team is not your traditional photo booth rental company. We want to bring you new and innovative ways to make lasting memories at your event. With tons of props to choose from, custom backdrops, attendants that will be there for you to make sure everything runs smoothly, and most importantly, high-quality images, you can count on us to make your event stand out.

If you have an event coming up, check the availability, check our prices, and reserve your photo booth today!