What’s better than the strip of images you get after acting like a goofball in a photo booth? The props you get to play with while taking the pictures! Indecisive people may take longer to choose just the right prop than it takes to actually snap the pictures. But when you know what the best props are, you can grab your favorite and still have time to reapply your lip gloss or straighten your tie before it’s you and your friends turn in the spotlight. So the next event you’re at that is rocking the photo booth, look for these favorite photo booth props so you can show off your wild side.


Have you ever thought you looked great in any style of glasses? What about bright orange oversized sunglasses? Or pink, star-shaped glasses? Wear them over your eyes, slide them up on your head, go with a thoughtful pose and nibble on one end, or add a mysterious feel to the image, glasses are the perfect silly accessory.

Photo Booth


Want to go for the old fashioned look? Or rock out the Tom Selleck ‘stache? From the thick caterpillar look to the thin Salvador Dali madness, you can truly take on another personality when rocking the mustache. And the best part about this prop is that men and women alike can enjoy the wonders of the ‘stache. Photo booth props don’t judge. And if you can’t decide between glasses or a mustache, go with the combo prop that has them both!

Empty Frames

A simple, yet romantic prop, the empty frame has endless possibilities. Grab your partner, hold up the frame and snag a kiss, hold it with two hands and pop through, or just frame your beautiful, smiling face, the frame is an easy and classic choice.

Thought Bubbles

Photo Booth

The thought bubble is an excellent and admirable choice but can come with decisions of its own. If there are thought bubbles that already have thoughts, how do you choose which one? This may be time to close your eyes and let fate take over, whatever you pick is the one you get and it’s time to make the magic happen! What’s fun about this prop is that they are sometimes empty, allowing you to write your own thought. A tip for writing your own thought: think of your favorite movie and write down the first line you remember from that movie.


Oh, the choices! Top hats, police hats, clown hats, cowboy hats, tiaras, crowns, who do you want to be? Become one with the hat and play around with it too. Keep in mind that hats don’t need to stay on your head either, bite the rim, hide behind it, or place it on someone else’s head, go wild!


Mysterious cat eyes, super hero masks, or the combo glasses/nose/mustache/ prop, you can transform into your own alter ego for your pictures. With the hat of your choice, grab your friends and have fun!

Choose Two!

Can’t decide between glasses and a picture frame or a hat and mustache? Don’t stop at just one! The more photo booth props there are in one image, the better! Or you can try to coordinate with everyone else in the photo. Everyone put on a hat and salute the camera or each chooses a different mask and play guess who.

Whatever photo booth prop you choose, with The iLOVE Team, you know you will end up with a fantastic, timeless, and memorable photo. Make it fun, make it mysterious, make it silly, but most importantly, make it memorable and make it your own! In a photo booth, everything goes.