Welcome to the NEW and EXCITING Live JukeBox!

Now you can ROCK your event with the sound and lighting quality of a full blown DJ at only a fraction of the cost!

Our Live JukeBox brings you an amazing innovation from the team that changed the photo booth industry – a self-contained DJ system where you pick all of the tracks!

Let’s face it – DJ’s are overpriced and half the time doesn’t play the music you want to hear anyway. With the iLOVE’s Live JukeBox you get the music you love on a system that rivals any professional DJ, but for half the price!

We’ve been to thousands of events across at various venues for all different types of occasions. And we’ve learned there are three MUST-HAVE elements every event needs to keep your guests happy:

  1. Food and Drink (of course!)
  2. A Photo Booth! (or some other form of less-fun entertainment)
  3. MUSIC!!!

What’s a party without music, right? It’s an absolute necessity for any type of event. Unless, of course, you don’t mind awkward silence and people staring at each other.

However, music also presents the most challenges for many people…

Because first, we all know that DJ’s are expensive. Or let me rephrase that, quality DJ companies are expensive. You have to pay hundreds to thousands of dollars to get them to show up and do their thing.

There are cheap DJ’s out there, but then you run the risk of getting some vigilante who envisions himself as the next Lil’ John up there yelling into the mic, practicing all kinds of crazy cuts and mixes, and playing music you didn’t want.

That’s why many people will then turn to a family friend. They’re cheap and you know them, but the problem becomes their lack of serious equipment or a full playlist to choose from. They’re just using their personal music collection.

Which is why most people can’t “Do It Yourself” either – they just don’t have the equipment or access to the playlist.

So you’re left with the choice of paying a lot of money to a DJ company or settling for something less than fantastic at your special event…

Now You Can Have It ALL With Live JukeBox!

This is the BEST of everything!

You get the full capabilities and WOW factor of a professional DJ system, you get to fully pick your own library of tracks from one of the largest song libraries available, you have the option of any extra lighting and cool effects like fog machines…

PLUS, you get it at a price that’s only a fraction of what most DJ’s want!

No more worrying about the DJ trying to hog the mic and throw in his own mixes and versions of different songs, or not playing all your favorite hits!

The Live JukeBox puts you in control and gives you exactly what you want – Music you love at a cost that doesn’t break the budget.

Here’s How Simple It Is…

Let us know you want to book the Live JukeBox for your event, and how many hours you’re looking for.

We give you full access to the LARGEST library of songs on the internet – Spotify! Our Live JukeBox service is fully integrated with Spotify.com through a custom solution we had developed just for you.

That means you have access to every song you can think of from any genre, and you can even build your entire playlist for your event prior to it ever starting!

Our professional JukeBox Attendant shows up with our state-of-the-art sound system, loads your playlist, and then ROCKS the house!

It can start and stop, and even pause whenever you want. You’re in complete control!

Take a Test Tour Of All The Music Available To You With Live JukeBox!

We have all of Spotify’s current and most popular playlists available for you to view and listen to. Or you can use the search bar to pick out your own songs. Either way, you get to build a completely custom selection of tracks!

(Please note that this link takes you to a view-only mode and plays samples. Once you purchase the service, you will get full access to all songs.)

Best of All, You’re Going to Love These Prices!

Live JukeBox Packages

2HR – Only $149!

3HR – Only $224

4HR – Only $299!

All Packages Include:

  • Two Loudspeakers with Stands
  • Dual LED Light Arrays
  • Multiple LED Lighting Modes: Mood, Meter, Mix, Pulse, Party
  • Professional Sound Quality
  • Setup and Breakdown
  • Professional Attendant
  • Library of Over 50,000 Songs

*Special Lighting, Fog Machines, and Text Request Options available! (see below)

The Live JukeBox is perfect for any event where space, budget, or setup complexity are issues.

Our super clean and compact setup is perfect for small house parties or large venues, and our high-quality sound can blast out even the biggest of crowds. No cheap speakers here – you will feel the bass!

Great for any event: weddings, birthday parties, graduations, karaoke, pool parties, reunions, anniversaries, corporate functions, races, and more!

The Live JukeBox is designed to give you exactly what you need – a fantastic sound quality of your personally picked tracklist at an amazingly low price!

And hey, we understand some events require an Emcee to direct the flow of events. If that’s what you want, we offer professional Emcees as well. Just ask!

But hands down for your money, you’re not going to find a better service at this price.


This service is becoming popular quickly, and we only have so many Live Jukeboxes available. Please make sure you contact us about your date with at least two weeks notice so we can make sure to have one available for you!

Plus, be sure to ask us about our Photo Booth and JukeBox Combo Packages!

Add-Ons To Take Your JukeBox to the Next Level!


This is the perfect way to dress your event up with the next level of elegance! We’ll bring as many Up-Lights as you want, which can be set to any color or combination of colors you want, to make sure your venue looks amazing! Nothing makes a party quite like lighting, so grab this add-on if you’re looking for an awesome night of fun!

Haze|Fog Machine

We’ve all seen it before and there’s nothing quite like it! When you have a haze|fog machine running, you’re setting the ultimate party atmosphere. This isn’t for every event, but for those of you really looking to rock out with an atmosphere of fun, then you’re going to absolutely love our haze|fog machine for your event!

Text Request

The Text Request service is perfect if you want your guests to be able to choose their own songs throughout your event. You already get access to one of the largest digital song libraries in existence, but it’s a lot of fun to let your guests pick their favorites as well! Get the Text Request and let everyone have a turn being the DJ

Travel Considerations

The iLOVE Team is proud to provide photo booth rentals and services nationwide. Our primary office are located near Philadelphia, PA; Reading, PA; Cherry Hill, NJ; Wilmington, DE; Baltimore, MD; Washington DC; and Orlando, FL.

We have been to events all over the country, as far as Texas, California, and even Minnesota. We have travel fees involved to cover our costs, but we provide a fair travel cost and people know they can rely on us to be there, no matter what the distance.

Events further than  eight hours away from our offices may include extra travel costs to be safe and make sure our attendants are taken care of on the road. Just ask us for a custom quote!

Ready To Make Your Event EPIC With Our Live JukeBox?

We guarantee your satisfaction with our event services!

Our friendly staff are the best in the industry, ready to help and answer your questions with no-hassle consultations around the clock. We even offer extended business hours to make sure we can help when it’s convenient to you!

Please contact us today with any questions, to reserve your date, or learn more about how we can make your event awesome!

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