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Special events and moments come and go, memories fade over time, even friends can slide into the past, but with photographs, these moments and memories can be eternalized. We all carry our phones around with us, in our back pockets or in our purses, and we snap pictures each day of landscapes or food and then they are pushed to yesterday’s folder and left in the past. When we are so focused on the present and planning for the future, we often forget about the importance of remembering the past. For weddings, birthdays, or even company parties, make the moments last by creating a permanent memory that you can hold in your hand. The iLOVE Team wants to be a part of making that possible. With our photo booths, you can gather a group together and immortalize the moment.

Photo Booth

Use a Photo Booth for These Events

What are you doing tonight or this weekend? Birthday party, pool party, BBQ, wedding, bar mitzvah, or corporate event? When there are friends, family, or coworkers gathered together to celebrate or simply just to hang out for an evening, spice up the party with a photo booth. The events where you might not expect to find a photo booth are the perfect occasions for something unique and fun. The moments that you want to remember forever can happen unexpectedly. With a photo booth, you can help to remember the day, the event, and the memory by snapping fun and artistic photos.

Photo Booth New BrunswickGather These People for a Photo Booth Picture

Anything goes when it comes to photo booths. If you’re at a wedding, you can grab the nearest guest and invite them to make a memory with you; it will only be slightly awkward if you don’t know them. Spending some time with your siblings at a birthday party? Pick up a hat and a mustache and encourage them to break out of their shell and share a strip of photographs with them from the photo booth. Haven’t seen your grandparents in a while? They may surprise you with goofy expressions. Have you tried to get your unphotogenic significant other to break out a natural smile in front of the camera? A couple of minutes with a silly pair of oversized glasses on their face might do the trick.

Share Memories

The best part about photo booths is that you can share the memories. Pictures that are taken with phones or cameras often remain unseen after a week or two when new photos have taken their place on your social media feed. With a printed collage of snapshots, you and the others in the photos can hang them on their refrigerators, inside school lockers, or bedroom walls. For months or even years later, everyone can still look back and remember that day and that moment.

Photo booths are usually found at arcades or movie theaters and we often walk by them without thinking of getting inside. It’s time to bring them into our lives for events that we attend regularly. It’s time to bring back the practice of printing out photographs and creating albums of our favorite images. For your next office party or wedding reception, get in touch with The iLOVE Team who is dedicated to providing high-quality images that will keep the memories strong.