1. Why Choose an Inflatable Photo Booth?

    So you’re planning an event and you know you want some sort of photo booth, but you don’t want the same old booth that takes pictures when people aren’t ready and the images themselves are of poor quality. You know that photo booths add a certain feel to events, one that is fun and playful. At…Read More

  2. Enhance Your Wedding Experience

    The music, the food, the venue, there are endless ways to wow your guests when planning a wedding. After months of preparation, the day itself will seem to fly by, but with certain activities and details, you can make sure you and your guests have a wonderful experience at your wedding. Remember, th…Read More

  3. What Your Photo Booth Prop Says About You

    When you get on social media, personality quizzes are everywhere. They’re simple, fun, and not always true, but even a silly quiz can give you a unique insight on what other people’s impressions are. When standing in line for your group’s turn in the photo booth, watching the men and women in …Read More

  4. Avoid These Photo Booth Mistakes

    So you’ve been planning your wedding for months, you found the dress, the venue, you’ve sent the invites, and the countdown begins to the big day, but there’s something missing. Something to give the event some spice and pizazz. The music has all been decided and the menu is set in stone, so y…Read More

  5. 6 Best Poses for the Photo Booth

    3-2-1 pose! Everyone in your group instantly breaks out with their best faces and poses and presents them to the camera, including duck faces, kissy faces, and more. The spontaneous posing that occurs within a photo booth is what makes the experience so much fun. But what often happens is that your …Read More

  6. Creating Memories With a Photo Booth

      Special events and moments come and go, memories fade over time, even friends can slide into the past, but with photographs, these moments and memories can be eternalized. We all carry our phones around with us, in our back pockets or in our purses, and we snap pictures each day of landscapes or …Read More

  7. The BEST Photo Booth Props

    What’s better than the strip of images you get after acting like a goofball in a photo booth? The props you get to play with while taking the pictures! Indecisive people may take longer to choose just the right prop than it takes to actually snap the pictures. But when you know what the best props…Read More

  8. Welcome To Our Blog!

    You see photo booths every once in awhile in a mall or arcade and you get an instant rush of excitement and remember the days when you and your friends snuck inside, pulled the curtain, and waited expectantly for the flash to go off and the strip of images to fall through the slot. The images reveal…Read More

  9. 8 Philadelphia Photo Booth Rentals For Your Wedding

      8 Philadephia Photo Booth Rentals For Your Wedding! Our friends over at Philly Mag were kind enough to include us in their Local Bridal Guide for 2015. Of course we're not the only ones on the list, so we're happy to share all 8 with you. But we're putting ourselves first :) 1. The iLOVE Team…Read More