So you’ve been planning your wedding for months, you found the dress, the venue, you’ve sent the invites, and the countdown begins to the big day, but there’s something missing. Something to give the event some spice and pizazz. The music has all been decided and the menu is set in stone, so you decide to include a fun and unique photo booth! What’s more fun than piling in with your friends and family, donning goofy mustaches and cowboy hats, and snapping pictures? And what’s easier than finding a professional photo booth company? Well, it might not be hard finding a company, but finding one that is reliable, passionate, and offers high-quality images is another story. Be sure to avoid these photo booth company mistakes and learn more about The iLOVE Team.

Photo Booth

Avoid Part-Time Vendors

Starting a photo booth company can be fairly simple, much of what you need is simply a camera, a means of printing the pictures, and the booth. But what a full-time company will offer is quality equipment and prints, trustworthy personnel, and extra equipment in the event that there is a failure. When you’ve spent a significant amount of time on planning your event, you don’t want to put a spoke in the wheel and hire a company who isn’t experienced enough to make sure it goes smoothly and efficiently.  

Avoid Staging Problems

When you do choose a company and schedule the date, have a plan for where they will set up. Given certain venue restrictions, spacing could become an issue when there are musicians, caterers, gift tables, the dance floor as well as the photo booth. Look at the layout of the venue and find a space where the booth can be set up with plenty of wiggle room. This will allow guests to easily flow through the line so they can choose props, take the pictures, and wait for the prints. When all of the various vendors and guests gather into one space, you don’t want the room to feel cramped.

Photo Booth New BrunswickNegotiate Free Reprints

It’s inevitable that someone will blink, a hat will slip over someone’s face, the frame won’t be wide enough to fit everyone into the picture, or worst case scenario, a group of 10 people have to fight over a single strip of pictures. When pictures need to be retaken or multiples need to be printed so everyone can have a copy, while it can save some vendors money, a professional company will offer guests reprints. Nothing would be more disappointing than having to make cheap copies of one print.

The iLOVE Team

Honored with five stars for quality service from WeddingWire, The iLOVE Team is dedicated to giving our customers the best of the best. With quality equipment and talented photographers, our team can provide a photo booth that will give your event that extra kick it needs. We LOVE being innovative and standing out in an industry where some companies can simply slide through with sub-par service.

If you want a professional team to provide your event with beautiful pictures, fun props, quality booths, and images, contact The iLOVE Team today to learn more and schedule a photo booth.