3-2-1 pose! Everyone in your group instantly breaks out with their best faces and poses and presents them to the camera, including duck faces, kissy faces, and more. The spontaneous posing that occurs within a photo booth is what makes the experience so much fun. But what often happens is that your mind and body partially freeze when the numbers start counting down and you’re left with an awkward picture where everyone appears to be working on their deer-in-the-headlights pose. To avoid this unfortunate circumstance, here are some of The iLOVE Team’s all-time favorite photo booth poses. Give yourself some time to get into character or practice and you’ll be sure to have a winning strip of pictures.

Photo Booth

Poses for Lovers

  • The Surprise Kiss: Not that your significant other would really be surprised by a kiss on the cheek, but when are photo booth pictures ever based on reality? Girls, pucker up and plant a big juicy kiss on your guy’s cheek as he opens his eyes wide in surprise. Throw up your hands or cover your mouth to make the pose even more exaggerated. To add a touch of reality, do it with love.
  • The Joint Heart: Use your arms or your hands to create a heart, giving your photo the much enjoyed sentimental feel. Standing about two feet apart, sides together, bring your inside palms together to create the bottom point of the heart. To create the top point of the heart, reach your outer arms above your heads, touch fingers, and point your fingertips toward the ground. Loving looks will ensue.

Photo Booth New BrunswickPoses for Ladies

  • Charlie’s Angels: Get ready to show off your guns! This bad to the bone pose combines classic cinema with your own personal twist. You and two of your most trusted companions will stand back to back, the middle angel facing the front, flex those bad boys, form your hands and fingers, and flash the camera with your most fierce look possible.
  • The Bridal Kiss: Perfect for wedding photos, gather your bridesmaids and again, pucker up! The bride stands in the middle facing the camera with her devoted maids surrounding all facing her ready to smooch. A simple but fun picture that can be done with as many people as necessary in any photo booth.

Photo Booth New Brunswick

Poses for Gents

  • Guns Out: Perfect for the group of guys who wants to bust a move, this stance lets you show off tight muscles, or even not so tight. Take your jacket off, roll up those sleeves, make a fist, and give the camera your most macho look.
  • The Fake Fight: Get ready to rumble! This pose is best when done unscripted and improvised, leaving everyone to come up with their own story, adding to the hilarious moment. Choose your best bud or grab all of the groomsmen for an intense “fight.”

Whether you want to keep the images unscripted and spontaneous, or if you want them to be more structured, but still hilarious, you can get a collection of images that will keep the event strong within your memory. For your next event, schedule a photo booth from The iLOVE Team for high-quality images that will make the night unforgettable.